X-Rated Ping Pong Show in Thailand


In Bangkok as you walk down the street every cab driver asks if you want to see the legendary “Ping Pong Show” in the red light district. These “Ping Pong” sex shows are world famous. I went to watch one with two Australian girls. Here’s what happened…. By the way, is a girl’s ability to shoot ping-pong balls out of her something you’re born knowing how to do or something you can learn? LINKS: =========== ASK THE JOHN & VLOG CHANNEL – ORIGINAL CHANNEL – BARTENDING CHANNEL – GOOGLE PLUS: FACEBOOK TWITTER T-SHIRT:
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Title: X-Rated Ping Pong Show in Thailand

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Category: Bangkok Nightlife

Added on: December 22nd, 2012

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  1. By: Kolya Iva

    I was there, and went on this show.
    I can confirm that so all and is.
    This show not for children.
    Many Chinese came to such shows. Probably they love the such.
    There were also elderly couples.

  2. By: crunckNATIon

    nurture….but I thought it would have the clip here…sad face…big sad face…

  3. By: chinyere76

    All she is doing is fanny fart with a ping pong.. all women can do that (tummy muscles)

  4. By: mika more

    you can learn it

  5. By: TheBundini

    Aussie chick on the left i gorgeous. Hook me up Skyyjohn!!

  6. By: kaorigewitter

    U R GAY

  7. By: UWOT MATE


  8. By: oOGothOo


    loose is for IE) her pussy is loose.
    lose is for IE) you lose your keys.

  9. By: johnculero

    go see it your self dude, we all have

  10. By: tomkasto

    Mad Gooks are mad

  11. By: ebonyhoes

    It’s natural any women can do it it’s all muscle

  12. By: sagarchawla1990

    Totally agree….

  13. By: MrMuziklover22

    Agreed ….Ugly ass LOOSER TOURISTS…!!!! Shame Thailand had to put up with you…!!!

  14. By: Talking Head

    thats not actually true

  15. By: Shancouver

    You three are sad as fuk…..ugly ass loser tourists

  16. By: cooltalks007

    What difference between you and thai ping pong show?????? do u think, you and these girls belongs to some nobel families???…..nopssssss… i am sure u guys belongs to some pimp families….ur mom run some stripties club or may be……..?????

  17. By: chess747

    Lol dude I think the bitches with u want dick….I hope you gave theses girls a hard time cuz I would…

  18. By: qazzy

    I glad to see this. I will not watch this show.

  19. By: ellencalvo

    Maybe they should try to shoot stuff out their ass instead

  20. By: jtulng

    Thai people are one fucked up

  21. By: clickidyclack

    My best friend just came back from a 3 week trip to Thailand, and she keep going on and on about the “ping pong show”. She didn’t see it, but it was definitely solicited.

  22. By: quik1224

    I do, I work at a center that helps abused women

  23. By: Nick P.

    Stop bitching at everyone on the internet and go do something about it then, hero.

  24. By: FourthOsprey

    traveling is the best man. I miss meeting awesome people like this and just doing wild shit. Skyy john is the mannnnn.

  25. By: norkaewsenapan

    a baby?


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