Bangkok Pattaya Nightlife: Party with Hot Thai Girl & Sexy Bangkok’s Hottest Club. Live music, karaoke & SEXY shows create the PRIVATE PARTY of your wildest dreams
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Title: Bangkok Pattaya Nightlife: Party with Hot Thai Girl & Sexy

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Category: Bangkok Nightlife

Added on: January 30th, 2014

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  1. By: AnchorsAwayHey

    mafia exploiting young girls. The guys that fork over their cash can’t even get a girlfriend, sad really.

    Girls in it for the money, and guys who really are losers.

  2. By: ice69ganjagod if anyone need it add me there

  3. By: lbcfosho562

    lady boys lol.faggots.die of aids and rott in hell

  4. By: OneNameJustin

    quality girls they are not.

  5. By: Alter Ego

    thai girls are ugly as fuck and the music they play at clubs is horrible they never keep up with the newest trends. #bangkokworstplacetoparty

  6. By: Ralleq1

    You should party at the islands south of Bangkok!

  7. By: ingi arnar

    really call them a thai gangster o.o i only see a thai wannabes

  8. By: bsalgrg17

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  11. By: TheRaj0003

    Lol had just been to thailand and all girls were same !!

  12. By: revolutionaryjake

    many people assume that bangkok means banging a cock. But that is not true! Its a rumor spread by jealous bitches. The real meaning is cock bangs real pussy. In other words spend a night in pattaya you wake up in 4 hoe in the morning. True story

  13. By: xSTONEYx187x

    Obviously the top comments are by a couple of fairies, everyone I know that went to Pattaya, and I’m talking males between 20-23, said it was the best two weeks of their lives.

  14. By: PekkaNvidia

    othervice a night in Bangkok ends banging a cock

  15. By: verseblaze

    watch out for those hidden dick chick in thailand!

  16. By: BeYouAndSmile

    it’s a voluntary exchange. She sells her beauty/sex/time etc. You pay with cash/drinks. Looks like fair exchange to me. If you want a girl to love you, look somewhere else.

  17. By: donnababy2012

    yeah dood thats the shit

  18. By: SpikyDane

    we dont care if you’re poor, stop whining.

  19. By: donnababy2012

    i like this alot lol

  20. By: remathesema

    can somebody plz tell me the name of the song on 4:52??

  21. By: MrSlapmeister

    The thais are the most cunning scheming scamming lazy folks on the planet.
    you certainly dont want to hang out with them useless punks

  22. By: MrSlapmeister

    what do you expect from a VIP club called “the Bank” :-)

  23. By: sbowesuk

    Western girls aren’t perfect, but they’re generally nowhere near as manipulative and calculating as many Thai girls, who are notorious for stringing any desperate sucker along so they can fleece them for every penny.

  24. By: wakeupinthesea

    if u wanana go tha mostly popular club and let me introduce!
    mostly thai teenager always went to:

    1. Nanglen locate at akamai Road
    2. Funky locate at thonglor Road
    3. Muse locat at Thonglor road
    4. Demo locate at RCA
    5. **** a lot of Foreign went to ROUTE 66 locate at RCA this introduce in Book travel guide to thailand.
    6.Slim locate at RCA
    7. BOMMBAY locate at Kaosarn Road****
    this all fabulouse club 2011 in thailand now all this located at BKK

    For Pattaya i suggest DIffer! enjoy


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