Thai Sex Workers Organize (1/2)


Thai Sex Workers Organize
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Title: Thai Sex Workers Organize (1/2)

Submited by: admin

Category: Bangkok News

Added on: December 30th, 2012

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  1. By: kcat899


  2. By: Reddylion


  3. By: HappyHooker83

    they feared we would steal their men and looked at their RAPING us as being a sign of them lusting after us. Fact is, you are all jealous that they are going overseas for some fresh young tail and not fcuking with you ole arse mofos! So now you are pissed cause, as a white womyn, YOU ARE NO LONGER THE CENTER OF EVERYONE’S UNIVERSE AS YOU LIKE TO THINK YOU ARE, AND YOU HAVE BEEN DETHRONED WITH YOUR SEX APPEAL THREATENED BY US SWARTHY WOMYN, you BYTCH!

  4. By: HappyHooker83

    wants your crummy arse snatch, which is the heart of the anti-sex worker argument (or, as in the case of the butch bytch at 6:10 who looks like she needs a good “straightening out” if you know what I mean ;) as well as wants the SNATCHES OF THOSE HOES) I remember reading about slavery in the US and, instead of the white crakkka racist arse master’s wives “uniting in unity with their fellow enslaved black sisters”, instead those bytches took to beating us worse than ole massa because

  5. By: HappyHooker83

    Wow, what a condescending BYTCH you are! Yeah, why don’t the king just give us ALL his billions so we can stop working jobs we don’t want to do, such as your job at a crummy office, or how about corporate pimp food sweatshop McDonald’s – after all, who the fcuk dreams of working there, not even the workers wannabe there, or how about you stop being a racist, crakkka bytch and infantilizing sex workers all because of your odious fear that one of us will steal your man (or lady) cause no one

  6. By: anh Viet

    watch?v=YFK1wJZAM7I&feature=related first time on youtube

  7. By: HappyHooker83

    And an UGLY crakkka honkey bytch is speaking for them!

  8. By: HappyHooker83

    The interviewer is a racist ass, condescending, caveman, crakkka neanderthal honkkkey!

  9. By: HappyHooker83

    We ARE animals you fool! Just ones with the ability of speech, something you are obviously lacking.

  10. By: HappyHooker83

    “I am an ex Thai prostitute and I work for myself. How about you? Who are you? Do you work for Sia O, King Bhumibol Sex Mania son? King Bhumibol is the world richest monarch with $35 Billion but he never helped Thai sex workers. ” – True.

  11. By: HappyHooker83

    “it’s horrible to see a western woman deny the voices of Thai sex workers as does the woman from CATW. I’m a western sex worker and worked with Empower. Thai sex workers DO see other options and choose sex work. It is anti-feminist and racist to speak over women who do not see their word as akin to murder!” – WOW, you are my philosophical equal! We must be friends!

  12. By: MsSO96

    @misssilapa I think you better watch your language on how you talk abt the King. Before you criticize about others, why don’t you take a lookat your self first. did you ever realized that prostitution is illegal? How dare you disrespect and say that he did it to increase his fortunes. How would you think Thailand today would be without him? So stop blaming others for your misfortunes and learn to empower yourself. This, lack of respect attitude of yours isnt going to help you succeed anywhere.

  13. By: mdtechify

    มันก็มีอยู่ทุกประเทศล่ะเฮ้ย ทำไมไม่ไปดูประเทศตัวเองบ้าง

  14. By: kum7104

    So you wanna hear my story ?? I’m 100% chinese. My grandpa/mom moved from china since Mao Zedong’s period and now my family consider to be a Millionaire, How ?, Did King helps us ? How come the family of poor chinese labor become a millionaire ? did Thai government helps us ? The answer is all no. I never sit and wait for any help from any body, you are pretty much just like other poor just blame others and do nothing, you better watch “Pursuit Of Happiness”

  15. By: Saruwatarizz

    ฝรั่งเกรียน สิ่งดีๆในประเทศมีให้ถ่ายไม่ยอมถ่าย

  16. By: Saruwatarizz

    ฝรั่ง นิสัยเสียสิ่งดีๆมีให้ถ่ายไม่ถ่าย

  17. By: misssilapa2

    I agree with Pim that no body care for us Thai sex workers. Not even the Father of Thai Nation, the world richest monarch with fortune of $35 Billions, king Bhumibol.

  18. By: misssilapa2

    @kum7104, I am an ex Thai prostitute and I work for myself. How about you? Who are you? Do you work for Sia O, King Bhumibol Sex Mania son? King Bhumibol is the world richest monarch with $35 Billion but he never helped Thai sex workers. When I was in Pattaya, I never saw him visit us over there to find out how we live in his kingdom. I agree with you that king Bhumibol worked very hard in the last 60 years to increase his fortune from a few Billion to $35 Billions, OMG!

  19. By: fatcrewz

    Sad, that human becomes animal

  20. By: kum7104

    I don’t know who you are or who you’re working for but for me it seem like you’re just a guy that every problem is King’s fault. You said he didn’t do anything ?? He start working for my country since he was 20 now he’s 80 and still. You think money is everthing ? I do agree these girls woking for money but you know give you a fish today doesn’t stop you to be hungry tomorrow the problems is way complicated than money Politician,Mafia, or even attitude of these women thats problem

  21. By: misssilapa2

    What did the world richest monarch, greedy and selfish old king Bhumibol who has $35 Billions do for these poor creatures?

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! If he just shares only $1 Billion with this poor people, probably prostitution would disapear from Thailand.

  22. By: wildcard21276969

    Las Vegas is the corporate jews prostitution monopoly. BKK/Pattaya is the Thais. Thailand whores blow Vegas whores away…  for 1/4 the price. Vegas whores are lame and overpriced. Just dont be stupid and mary Thai women, they will destroy you.

  23. By: cruiz lee

    Sooo sad to see so many resigning to the death trap of sex trade…

  24. By: TheVaccumtube

    You made a good point woman, I agree with ur intelligent comment. Tell those Police women to shut their fuck’n mouth, and just let the good girls do their business, tell them to GET LIFE, IT IS TOUGH TO MAKE A LIVING FOR WOMEN, PARTICULARLY IN ASIA, HOW COULD A WHITE WOMEN DRESSED IN EXECUTIVE SUITS SITTING IN A COMFORTABLE OFFICE KNOW ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THE REAL WORLD ? TELL THEM TO FUCK-OFF.

  25. By: TheVaccumtube

    Yeah, go Thai-Hefner, 30,000 buck a nite, it’s a good money to start with, I will do it too, SEX IS THE GREATEST MONEY-MAKING INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MEN OR WOMEN TRY TO CAPITALIZE ON THAT.


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